Monthly Archives: November 2010

Is this thing on?

  Writing this blog frightens me. Feels like I’m up on stage, blinded by the spotlight, tapping the mic: Is this thing on? In cyberspace there’s no squeal of feedback or nervous cough from the audience. Last night I watched “About a Boy”. Random.  At some point in the last year I had added the […]

The Grieving Artist

The creative mind can be a treacherous companion when responding to great depths of emotion. The impulse to create something on the outside to circumvent the destruction on the inside cannot be held back.  The problem, for a person who would like to, even in moments of intense irrationality, maintain some kind of artistic integrity […]

Virtual Mourners on Facebook

  We posted details for Lena’s funeral service as an “event” on R.I.P. Lena Loucks. Many of those who respond include a personal message. Like mourners filing by to greet the family, those who send their regrets write the words they would have said if they were with us. Outside the somber confines of a […]